FÍM - Society of Icelandic Visual Artists

Hafnarstraeti 16, P.o.box 1115
Reykjavík - 101
FÍM - Society of Icelandic Visual Artists was established in the years 1931/1932 and is a trade union for its members. Predecessor of FÍM was the Society of Art Friends established in 1914-1931/1932 The broad aim of FÍM - Icelandic Visual Artists´ Society is to work for the advancement of its members.
In collaboration with FÍM abroad are: # International Painters Symposium, Varena Litháen. # International Exhibition of painting c/o President of organizational comitee of Triennal in Sofia; Dimitar Grozdanov, Bulgaria. # Triennale of Tapestry Lód´z, Central Museum of Textiles, Pólland # Nordiska Akvarell selskabet, Sverige. Contact person in Iceland; Guðrún Svava Svavarsdóttir, tel (354) 552 2387


SÍM | Hafnarstræti 16, P.O. box 1115, IS-121 Reykjavik, Iceland  | Phone: 551 1346 - Fax: 562 6656 | E-mail: sim@sim.is.