"Lava people"

Year: 2009
Size: H= 40 cm L= 40 cm

"Mosi og hraun "

Year: 2005

two trölls

Year: 2008
Size: H= 40 cm

Lava teapot and cup

Year: 2005

Lana Matusa art ceramic studio gallery, Skólavörđustig 41
101 Reykjavík
Sími: studio: 5515799
GSM: 8667129

More information

1978 -1983.-  The University for Technology- Chemistry Engenering , Beograd,Yugoslavia
1983 - 1989.-   Academy for Applied  Arts and Design,Department for Sculpture Ceramic,Belgrade,Serbia
1990- Member of Association of Applied Artistes and Designers of Vojvodina-UPIDIV
1992. Member of Association of Applied artistes and designers of Serbia-ULUPUDS
1992. Award of Ulupuds
1995. Artist in residence and specialization in The Shigaraki Institute for Ceramic studies, Shigaraki, Japan
1998. Award- "Golden Form" of Upidiv
1999- 2009-..... Iceland, Lana Matusa art ceramic studio gallery
 Since 1986. -130 exhibitions, 23 solo exhibitions, many international simposiums